100 Pesos

Thinking in Pesos

You know those “aha moments”?

They show up at random times in your life when you least expect it. My latest one happened to me this holiday season while back in the states and it had to do with currency conversion.

I was at Sears with my mom the day after christmas looking to exchange a gift that she had received for a different size. While waiting for my sister to return from the bathroom I was looking at the products on sale and noticed they had a sale on some wrench sets for about $29.99, down from $99.99.

Pretty good deal no? We’ll to me it seemed like it was but I had a moment of confusion and was not quite sure how good of a deal it was. You see my mind was not processing the price of $29.99 or $99.99. I found myself trying to convert the price to Argentinian Pesos.

I thought to myself.

“Ok what is the current conversion rate at? 13 point something, ok lets say 13. Now if I take 13 and multiply it by 30 that gives me about 400 pesos”.

At which point I remember thinking, I don’t know. “I’m not sure if I would pay 400 pesos for this wrench set.” and there is where my “Aha moment” kicked in.

I had just gone through and tried to process the price of a product into a foreign currency while being back home! Why?

It seems that I have now lived abroad enough time, dealt with enough transaction in pesos and earned a living in peso have to process a products price to that currency.

This was very exciting, weird and new for me! It was not because I have not had to convert the price of a product from one currency to the other, but this was the first time I converted the price from dollars to pesos. Having had the privilege to travel to many countries I usually had to convert a price to the dollar, so that I could understand the value of it. This time around my mind converted the price not to dollars but to pesos.


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