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My latest post inspiration has to do with something that I constantly bring up to people when they ask me about why I left the US and came to a developing country to live and that is having a new “home base”. One of the biggest advantages of moving to a new country even if for only a few months or years is that you are all of a sudden presented to new and exciting things. New restaurants, neighborhoods, cultures, places to visit, people to meet you name it.

My biggest goal after moving to Buenos Aires was to take advantage of every last day to get to know the area and in this case the area is South America. You see living in Chicago it is not that easy to take a quick weekend trip to Mendoza, one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world. Taking advantage of a long holiday weekend and visiting Salta, Humahuaca and the North of Argentina is impossible if you need to take a 12-hour plane ride from Chicago. Bariloche, a beautiful city with old Swiss-style houses and chocolate shops? Forget about it will cost a fortune to even visit.

Apart from traveling on weekends, I have been able to take advantage of my nights here to try out new restaurants and bars, visit the interesting and exciting new parks and get lost in the many neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. While I have yet to visit many of the areas, I feel like I already know much more about this city than many of the locals that have lived here most of their lives.

I’ve taken a traveler mentality, where one explores a lot in a very small amount of time, and applying it to a new home base you can easily live for a month or two, go out and walk around exploring the different streets of a city and get to know much about a city.

This is why it might seem to friends and family back home like I’m just on a long vacation. I have taken many small weekend trips to places that I would have not had the chance to visit unless I made a long committed vacation or trip of several months even years. Having a new home base allows me this luxury and it’s a luxury I know is not an easy one to have but it’s definitely doable for anyone.

With any luck and proper planning, I hope to continue this lifestyle where I setup new home bases that will allow me to work and live in the a new city and country and at the same time travel on weekends.

Until next time, go out on a weekend visit a new nearby town take a day trip to a close by city, walk around a new neighborhood and explore your home base. You will see that there are many things for you to still discover and enjoy about your city.



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