Expat Living: Month 6

This month marks the 6th month since I decided to leave a big paying job, health insurance, 401k, high rise living in the middle of Chicago and many more luxuries for the life of an expat abroad. My first stop: Buenos Aires, Argentina and to be honest I say first stop because I’m not sure if I want to return to my previous kind of lifestyle, at least not anytime soon.

Over the past couple of weeks I have had many restless nights thinking of where my next adventure would be. I know in my head I have a tentative deadline for when I want to embark on to the next city and country. My mind is set on July 2016. Why July of 2016? To be honest I’m not sure why. My one year contract with my employer ends in March so why not March? Originally I had wanted to be in Buenos Aires for 2 years, but lately Its not that I have grown tired of Buenos Aires, its that I am realizing that there are so many cities and countries for me to explore.

The places I want to live are countless for but for now they are centered around Latin America. I would love to spend 6 months to a year in Brazil, fully immersed in the language and culture and get to know the people for who they are. I had a taste of what Brazil was all about during my one month trip to the world cup while cheering on the mexican national team alongside fellow mexicans in Natal, Fortaleza and Receife. It was fun and an experience I will never forget but since  most of the stay revolved day in and day out around the world cup I really want to go back to the cities that wow’ed me and visit some of the others that have yet to make me fall in love with Brazil all over again.

Another place on my bucket list is Colombia. It has a certain charm for me and I believe with my US passport I can spend three month there and then I might be able to take advantage of my dual citizenship with Mexico and stay another three moths. I’ve heard so many stories of the people and the country itself. I’ve heard of how magical the Colombian coast is, of how delicious the food is and of how friendly the people are. In my head I see Colombia as being a mix of Mexico and the Caribbean. Is it really like that? I’m not sure but I know that I want to find out. I even contemplated going to Universidad de los Andes for an MBA but at opted out of that idea for now.

Speaking of MBAs, a degree from Mexico at ITESM  sounds very appealing to me and depending on where my mindset is at I might just try to get that degree, but regardless if I do or do not end up doing that Mexico is also on my list. Cities like Guadalajara, Morelia, Mexico DF and Monterrey have a lot to offer and I believe I could end up there for a long time. Mexico after all is my home country, it’s the place where I can easily relate to for food and culture. Its also the place where I have family making it a very easy option one with a lot of appeal to me.

Could I do a year in Brazil, six months in Colombia and 2 years in Mexico? Am I crazy enough to find a way to make it happen? I think so and the more I think about it the more I want to do it. So 6 months down as an expat and who knows how many more await me, im crossing my fingers for as many as I can

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